Contributing to the social consiousness

*ramble intro* I feel like one thing I’ve always wanted in life was to be able to show people things about myself and just things about the world, that they would not have guessed, things that would awe them in a good way. Just sharing that sense of awe with people is pretty important to me. I guess that’s why I share the music I make on youtube, and the photos I take on tumblr, instead of just keeping it to myself. I want to express myself, and express the world, life, ect. *ramble intro*

See I was thinking lately again about what I should be doing with my time since it’s summer and maybe I could be doing more for myself then I am. So I thought about things I could work on. Firs programming, business, economics, bioinformatics, investing(still an option cause it takes minimal education to start).

Soon though I came back through the loop to the realization that ENTP’s invent things often to fit needs that they actually believe in. There were a few entp writers and that kind of inspired thoughts of doing so myself. Not even novels or fiction, just writing educational pieces on things that I find important.

Then just thinking about that, about setting up a blog to collate information about stuff someone somewhere MIGHT want to read, sucked.

Then I though about humor blogging which kind of felt right, then i questioned why. So what I’ve discovered is that the way I feel most able to contribute to society is through social means, and self-expressive means, because for my whole life that seems to be what has been driving me, not pursuit of technological savvy. So I feel like I’m more on the social end of things and so if I innovate in any way maybe it should be in that direction. This is a great thing because although many people talk as if technology will be the things that saves humanity, I feel that most of our problems come down to how we interact with on another, and how we interact with ourselves.

I mean, wars start over misunderstands of others, and squandering potential seems to come from misunderstanding of one’s self. I feel these are the main things holding us back from utopia. So that is my argument for why I, not everyone, but I, should focus on more social innovation as that is where I seem to have interest. For example, If I think about writing something funny for people to laugh at, I mean, I guess I have a second reason why I like being funny, but beyond that, I think getting people to laugh, means getting people to like me, which is  great very powerful thing. I think it’s important for people to have someone out there that they like.

Anyways, so I’ve separated my creativity in to two areas. One is creativity that I do for me, but would love to share. Music would go here and story ideas as well. Mostly all the beautiful and romantic and personal stuff goes here. This categorie is the stuff I do for love, but not for money.

The second category is things I do to improve social harmony. Humor would fall here a long with more hard hitting punch line intensive rap lyrics. Just things that I enjoy doing but only because of how much other people like when I do them. Plus maybe criticisms about society, and social psychology studies, ect. Also what falls here are things I do for achievement, but only in a social context, and discluding games. SO if I mean a bunch of programmers and we work on something I will try to do my best for them, because it feels good to contribute to real people. Although I may not go this route although I will try to meet some programmers, this would fall in this category.

So with this understanding that there are things I am driven to do for me, and things I am driven to do for others and actually believe in, maybe I can say monetizing the things I would do for others, would be do-able.

Also I wonder about the idea of healthy, wealth, relationships, where the catch is you can only have two of them. I would choose health and relationships in this case. It seems like with relationships, the wealth takes care of it’s self?

I just feel like I’m somewhere near the top of society in terms of seeing where we are as humans. So if I choose to talk about it, with humor, and with rap, it should do well. It should be innovative, and valuable to the social consciousness.


Basically I will be like a challenge to all the gangsta rappers and their mentality. I mean, I’ll still have a swag and use gansta beats and clams casino beats, but I will be taking from a way higher level that will make them seems very small in comparison and hopefully be a positive influence on the impressionable. It would be fun, not sure if I’ll end up doing it.

“I leave ’em feinding like a virus on the internet”


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