Maybe my interest is the future

Maybe this obsession of mine, to figure out what humanity needs, and what I “should” do, is linked to the reality that there is a lot that we all just don’t know about life. It seems what I’ve been doing is thinking about my development and human development as a whole. So maybe instead of trying to figure out how I fit into the world, which seems to be a insurmountable task, I should focus on an equally insurmountable, but possible more interesting task, of figuring out where human evolution is heading, in different areas. Then since I seem to be taking such a keen obsession over this, maybe this IS actually what I “should” be doing, or at least something mentally stimulating enough, and enjoyable enough that I wont get bored?

Human development, especially psychological development. Kind of from a philosophical perspective in that I want to “what if” and “if so then why” myself into new discoveries. Then I want to simplify and unify theories so that I can use the simplifications as tools to explain even more stuff. It just seems to me that this area is one where there is a lot to be discovered and requiring creativity and not as much money or equipment as something like chemistry. If you think about it, when studying the future, there are as many things to be discovered as there are possibilities, which are infinite as far as I’m concerned.

Well, why do I feel it so important to know what is the best thing for me to do? I guess it’s all about me getting the most bang for my buck. Also the most excitement. I’m just realizing this right now but it really seems making predictions about futures and to some extent proving them to be fact, is extremely exciting and empowering. I’m sure there are people making predictions about earth and space and the cosmos and all that with a lot of math. I don’t want to use math. I know it’s importance, I understand it’s value. However, math is based on logic and the math I actually might have found interesting is the higher university year math that focuses on logic rather than plug and chug. However, I don’t think I want to do math, I want to do more logic/philosophy and studying the human mind using qualitative analysis.

Would it be useful if I could see where the world was headed. I mean statistics show our life’s are getting better and I’m sure people don’t need someone telling them that. Iunno, it’s interesting, and I guess if I can create theorems, they can be put to good use.

The fun thing about thinking about the future is that it’s possible, not just fantasy, it’s exploring a world that doesn’t exist, yet, but that if the theory holds true, does exist in the future. So it’s basically time travel if done right.

I’m I gonna be one of those future theorist types, they seem wacky actually but iunno. I’ve been so interested in people, for my whole life. People and all their creations. The one area I know I could explore way more would be where people are headed. Iunno, it could be that I had some dark chocolate and the caffeine is going to my head.



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