Acting as Teaching

In an earlier post that can be found under memory, I talk about the way symbols and allegory can become meaningful in that they make strong connections in the brain which create long lasting memories. I find this idea intriging and have thought about using it actually to develop a new style where things I wear symbolize something. I have already been using metaphor I realize, in my signature as well as with my style although in part of my style the meaning came afterwards. For instance my dreadlocks now mean: People being stronger together than separate, letting things happen organically, growth, and possibly other things too.

So I’ve also wrote about how maybe I wanted to do acting since so many forms of expression can fall under it. Thinking about it even more today I realize it was one of the major forms of expression that has always been with me sinceĀ  was very small. It wasn’t just being funny, it was acting funny, and acting in general. It was taking on the expressions of other humans and sometimes I think the feelings behind them as well. btw, I think even writing like script writing, is a form of actin too, I mean the words a persons chooses is part of how they act. For the same reason, language can be acting too.

So what have I found today?:

Core processes
Phil Jones has written in his book Drama as Therapy, Theatre as Living that there are nine core processes at the heart of drama therapy. These include projective identification and dramatic distancing. Projective identification is the process whereby a person feels the feelings that the other is unable to access themselves. Dramatic distancing refers to the way that emotional and psychological problems can be accessed easier through metaphor. The client has a distanced relationship through metaphor to these problems that makes them easier to tolerate.”

So, connections between my field of study(psychology), an innate form of expression(acting), “metaphor”(which is related to allegory and symbolism), my interest in people, and also “The connection between drama and the psychological healing of society, though not of the individual, was first formally acknowledged by Aristotle, who was the originator of the term ‘catharsis’.” So like, being able to act out the feelings a human would feel in a situation is a good way of teaching compassion for that person, to others. In my experience, I find it way easier to empathize with another person if I have bee through what they are going through or if I can connect their experience to a fictional character even, who I was shown the emotions of in a more raw form.

So I don’t know. If I wanna chase a low state I think programming is more challenging and maybe more conducive to that. However, it doesn’t feel like me as much. Not sure if acting would depend on the characters I act as, but it seems like a natural tendency I’ve had. In fact contrary to what Aristotle said, I have found that when I’m sad or lonely, I often choose to act out those feelings in a way and observe them almost as if from the outside and then feel compassion for myself as if I were someone else. In this way I don’t just stew in my own problems as much,They are processed as if they were someone Else’s. it is kind of like mindfulness in a way. Maybe the trick with that is that I act as if someone else could be watching, or maybe I act as if I am acting, so more expressive and in a way that if I were an audience I would be moved by what I saw. Yeah that explains it. So it seems like something worth doing, maybe I just want to act my own ideas out, express characters that people don’t get yet, or something. Maybe that would be more meaningful then trying to get good at someone else’s characters. Iunno.


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