Would it be a perfect world if everyone could do whatever they felt like doing, simply on impulse, and everything work out for the best?
Iunno, maybe, however there is much evidence pointing to this not being the case. It actually seems almost like the more restrictions a person can handle, the better they will be for it, within reason of course. For example, a person who can go to bed on time every night, finish their work early, eat only the foods that are good for them, ect, and without feeling like they are making a sacrifice, I would say then that those people would be happier on average than someone who periodically indulges in things that aren’t best for them. I mean sure there are cases where indulging works out for the better, but then that isn’t indulging, it’s more like a calculated trade-off.

Basically it seems like the person who has better self-control will have a better experience of life, assuming that person is developing and utilizing that self control for the right reasons. I mean, it would suck if someone was trying to be perfect because they wanted to please someone else or because they disliked who they were otherwise. In that frame of mind everything they are doing is based on scarcity and sacrifice instead of abundance and love. See I have been very close to this perfectly healthy person before except it was for the wrong reasons. This time I think it will be for the right ones. The philosophy is that if a persons wants true enjoyment, they need to take control of it, and to do that, they need to take control of themselves.

I have been wondering where does this desire to stay up late even come from. For a while I allowed myself to think maybe it was just natural, that sometimes humans stay up late. Now I’m starting to think it’s nothing but a compulsion. Seeking a thrill or some sort of immediate excitement instead of waiting the 10 minutes it takes to fall asleep and the the dreams and then the new day of excitement again. Also part of it is I feel like if I’m thinking about something I need to get it all sorted out before I fall asleep or else I’ll lose that train of thought. I don’t have any proof that this is what happens, in fact I often pick up thoughts the next day right where I left off, but I allow myself to worry over it and stay up. I think it’s just a compulsion.

I’m not sure everyone has the same needs that I do but for me it seems compulsion has no place in my life at all. Like, I don’t need enjoyment to happen to me like some natural phenomenon outside my control. I’d much rather enjoy as much as I want to, not letting standards and limits be set by randomness and primitive programming. In fact the studies on things like meditation and exercise and eating right all seem to point to self-control as the secret to longevity and happiness. I mean that seems to be the factor related to all of them. Being in control, taking responsibility for one’s self and then doing what is best. Tapping into ones abundance.


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