Flow State: Inferisor Function Introverted sensing Part 2

Now the second part of this is something I just realized right now. That entering into a state of flow where I can work for hours and time just slips by, this state seems to depend greatly on my level of physical comfort as well as environmental stimuli.

I am studying for a test tomorrow and am realizing/remember the importance of so many elements of comfort for me to be able to study without strain.


– Not hungry/Thirsty
– Good seats, no discomfort
– reading only is way easier than trying to read and write so I focus on reading and integrating information just in my head.
– I think good lighting helps too
– Diet matters so much, eating white bread or sugar ect will ruin a study session so fast because it activates stress hormones and depletes energy levels, so eating clean is important
– Getting enough sleep is important because even coffee has it’s limits and can becomes more of a stress than an aid and just one jittery and less able to focus

Environmental stimulus

– MUSIC is awesome for me and studying. I have awesome playlists with full albums of anime/movie soundtracks so putting them on makes the whole studying experience feel like “story mode”, meaningful even.
– People, I am at the library around people. I can’t imagine trying to do this at home although I know I’ve done it before, it’s just not as fun. Also if I think about it, not even as healthy or efficient. I concentrate better around people and a bonus is I can meet people if I’m around them. I can’t meet anyone if I’m just stuck in my room. Being in my room for long periods of time kind of makes me feel like I’m wasting my life, even if I’m studying. It’s like, an unnecessary sacrifice. (Actually I think this is a very key point for me. If I’m trying to force myself to do something, knowing I’m missing out on so much else in life, how could it feel worth while. Especially if I naturally excel when learning through interacting with people. It would almost be like my brain is thinking people>study for living a meaningful life. So if I go against that and read at home in my room, of course I’m going to feel like something big is missing.
– I’m sure there are even more possibilities here like smells, lighting, tactile sensations.
– Also depending on what I’m working on, if it was math I could have pod casts on maybe because math (at least the stuff up to calculus, doesn’t seem to require as much attention, it’s just a “plug and chug”

Cognitive Factors

– I just read and remembered to importance of a task being not to hard or two easy. I think it should be challenging but not frustrating. – Also now that I think about it, the reason why I gave up on programming was because I hit a road block which would have taken a shit tone of research to figure out. Either that or I ask someone online which for me kind of defeated the purpose at the time which was to me completely independent in my growth. As well, and probably for the same reason, I didn’t show anyone the work I was working on because I thought I shouldn’t need to show other people for motivation.
If I were to do programming again which I’m not sure I will, I think I would buy a book to work through start to finish, and also show people everything I make, and also do my coding at the library.
However, technology feels like more of an ends to me, I’m not too much into the tech scene. More into medicine and health sciences and human development.




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