My experience with muscle confusion

I’ll use the latest as an example all thought this has been the pattern throughout my bodybuilding life. Before starting at school my routine was based on the barbell and weights I had at home and it was around 30min workouts and mostly compound exercises. I gained a little bit of size doing this that is for sure but for various reasons in workouts were not done with as much effort as they could have been. This changed when I started at school and joined the gym there.

I researched new ideas around bodybuilding especially around the endocrine system’s response to certain exercises. my gains for that year were impressive. I surpassed the body I had after high school(my best at the time) by quite a bit.

Of course I new more about what worked and what didn’t and was doing more of what worked ect, but still I feel like as soon as I joined the gym and did all new exercises, my body responded very fast to that. Well, summer has come and I have reached a point where it seems the line between over training and under training has become very thin somehow and this seems to always happen after a few months of the same routine. My sleeping habits surely have something to do with this but I think there was more to it.

It could be a level of boredom that when it sets in becomes a negative stress as I do the same exercises month after month. Maybe I become bored and therefore demotivated by the workouts and then doing them anyways becomes almost like a negative experience unless I can achieve something new like increasing the weight more than I’m supposed to.

It could also be this: As I improve two things are happening. My CNS adapts to lift more weight, and my muscles grow to lift more weight. If my muscle growth outpaces my cns adaption, my strength gains will come slower. If my cns out paces my muscle growth, gains will come fast. When you learn a new exercise, cns outpaces muscle growth in adaption. It isn’t that the stimulus on the muscles is particularly strong though. It’s just new. Muscle growth to new exercise though I think is fast than to old exercise but not nearly to the extent that it is with cns.

So the thing is, as a new exercise becomes old, cns adapts to lift more weight, but I don’t think it adapts as well to the increase stimulus placed on it. What I mean is, it is more efficient in lifting the weight, but I think it is way slower at adapting to become more durable against the stress of that increased weight. This is why the stronger you get, the more you can and need to lift to improve, but also, the easier it is to over train.

So…I don’t want it to be easy to over train, I would gladly sacrifice SOME strength gains to keep building muscle and efficiency of my cns in different areas.

So what I think I want to do then, is try completely changing all exercises I do, every month or two. This way the strength gains I get can come mostly from muscle growth. I feel that becomes muscle growth increases strength as well, that I should depend on muscle for my strength gains instead of cns adaptions.

If I was a strength athlete of course I would go for strength and cns adaption, and I’d just train more frequently with less volume.


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