Extroversion: God=personified conscious universe=social: Optimism

I just had a thought. Well when I was younger went through phases of being religious or not so religious, but always believed in God. A few years ago that changed and I became undecided and skeptical, at this point possibly even atheist. However, today I just stumbled across and idea. I’ll start by sharing this link of a song from final fantasy x called “other world”

And here are the lyrics which I want to discuss:

Go now, if you want it,
Another world awaits you.
Don’t you give up on it,
You bite the hand that feeds you.

All alone, cold fields you wander,
Memories of it cloud your sight,
Fills your dreams to raise your slumber.
Lost your way, a fallen knight.

Hold now, aim is steady.
Another world awaits you.
One thousand years, you ready?
The otherworld, it takes you

Go into the sand, and the dust, and the sky.
Go now, there’s no better plan, than to do or to die.
Free me, pray to the fayth in the face of the light
Feed me, fill me with sin, and get ready to fight.

Gotta Fight!

Hope dies, and you wander
The otherworld, it makes you.
Dreams, they rip asunder
The otherworld, it hates you.

Free now, ride up on it
Up to the heights, it takes you
Go now, if you want it
Another world awaits you.

So I liked these lyrics since the first time I read them. I didn’t know why I liked them besides how mysterious sounding they were and how they promised a whole other world. It kind of fed through the fact that final fantasy 10 was already another world which  was being introduced to, and how the game starts and concludes with this song and how Auron introduces Tidus to another world soon after the start of the game. This song feels special to me.

So I was thinking about writing and language and poetry which led me to read “The swimmer’s moment” and then this songs lyrics, to maybe find some inspiration. What I found somehow, after thinking about it from the perspective of language, was this.

“another world awaits you”

This line and the others like it in the song personify the world. Give the entity a social context and maybe slightly narcissistic iunno. To say another world awaits you, if taken literally, would mean that another world is actually waiting for specifically you, to find it. So the thing about this is, for an extrovert, or at least for me, to believe a world, or a universe, could have social qualities, would mean I would gain energy from it as if it were another person. This may mean I would gain more meaning from the things I find interesting about the world, if I see it as in communication with me. Of course the easiest way to do that these days is through the belief in a god. In my case I may simply think of it as a  possibility, if that can give me energy. I mean, it IS a possibility.  It seems it is maybe just a level of optimism that is required in order for me to entertain the idea as it is a positive idea to entertain. Optimism if as an extrovert I would enjoy the idea of a god.

I don’t mean the kind that says you need to go to church every S, pay indulgences, and follow orders blindly. That doesn’t seem like a very optimistic belief. An optimistic one would be to see that just as life has consciousness, even at the level of worms, and snails, then it is possible that the cosmos which holds and gave shape to all life, would have a consciousness as well.

It just feels like believing in form of consciousness in the universe gives live more meaning. Not to say life isn’t meaningful otherwise, just that otherwise I feel that for me life’s meaning is based on other people and on myself. If I believed in some kind of god, I would probably feel more free to take on goals unrelated to people and more about exploring a universe that was created by a person and/or is a person.

I wonder why cultures around the world have until this point seem to have chosen to personify the physical world around them. Is it just some kind of deficiency in intelligence then? Or is it something that was in our genes for a reason, and if so why are more people becoming atheistic?

Iunno, just a thought.

Also I wonder if it is the summer weather and longer days contributing to this thought although it was pretty abrupt and directly after thought about that song.

Also I wonder if it’s more about feeling connected which I could get from meditation.



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