Boredom: as the key to authentic love-based creativity

Beyond that I still feel like excitement is missing from my life. Sure it might be exiting once I can do research in 2-3 years lol, but now? What will I do for now? I could fast track my studies but I feel like working super hard wont add to my life in the best way. I think my problem is that I’m not allowing myself to be bored. I am denying myself it to the point that I feing sleep for fear of the moments before where I lay awake without stimulation.

So let’s talk about boredom for a bit. It feels like a negative emotion I’m sure we can agree. However, is it negative as in an unhealthy stressor? Or negative as in a drive/urge. Well I’d say it’s the later, a positive stressor, a drive. I say it’s a drive, as in a drive for stimulation, for experience, and these things I’d say are positive things to have urges for. So what have I been doing. Well quite naturally, when I feel a tinge of boredom I try to find something to keep me stimulated. Also I’m guessing my seeking of an exciting adventure or whatever is driven by tht feeling that what is happening now is not as excting, aka sustained borederline boredom.

The thing about boredom is that it can inspire creativity and therefore excitement on it’s own. It’s just that people often don’t allow that to happen and instead find things to keep their minds occupied. For me it seems I’m getting bored of videogames,tv shows,movies ect. Apparently it could come down to entp pattern recognition ability.

I think what I might do is allow myself to be bored and see how long it takes for me to become creative on my own and then just roll with that. I’ll keep writing this blog because well it seems to be one of those things that I’m creating. I’ll probably be writing a lot more and about different things if I don’t give myself any input, or limit my input. Actually I think I’d rather limit my input rather than shut it off completely because I think some is good for my developement.

In order to truly be bored though I would have to let go of the idea that I should be doing something special. My creativity should be for the sake of my experience, not as something I can say I do. I feel like the practise of being bored is much like the practise of meditation and much like sleep. Especially like sleep, being bored will inspire imagination as sleep does dreams. Also as meditation can mean the calming of the mind and it’s thoughts, boredom means at least the calming of input from outside sources. I feel boredom increases the dopamine receptors in response to lower average stimulation but not sure.

Now…why would one chose creativity over exploration of the outside world. It seems to me that creativity has far more potential for bringing happiness or piece than does seeking excitement fro outside. I feel like seeking stimulation from outside is kind of like a scarcity drive. You know, like a remnant of when humans needed to learn about their environment so they could survive. Just that now we don’t need to do this as much but like with eating fatty foods, we do it because it feels good and kind of highjacks the reward circuitry.

Well for me with little money to through around, and not as much inspirig me to explore it, I feel like I need something else. I am hoping that by allowing myself to be bored often, it will allow me to be more creative in ways that enrich my life even if it only ends up being my life for the most part that is enriched by it. To be clear I feel that for me, working towards goals like being good at something like being a well known blogger or writer ect, are based on boredom. Based on wanting external stimulation, and high jacking my reward circuitry in this way to do it. I feel this is different from someone who writes or draws only because they love it, and then people just like what they do but either way they do it because it is them adding love to their live instead of trying to seek it from outside which imo is unachievable because love and excietment for life is a state of mind, not something you take from the world. More of something we all have in us to feel and give.

Also it seems that like sleep, creativity that comes from boredom is very organic. It’s a naturally occuring thing. Not something forced for social recognition or sense of fulfillment. I guess this would be an example of psychology knowledge helping me and hopefully others. We’ll c.

Link to a source on boredom increasing creativity:


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