Fitness: Durability

For me I realize that expecting to recover efficiently from a super intense workout is to much to ask. There are so many unknowns.

What I want to focus on now is how to get the most growth while still remaining durable. By durable I mean basically still remaining strong throughout the randomness that is everyday life. I might get called for work, I might not be able to fall asleep one night, ect. I don’t want to sacrifice my daily enjoyment of life as well as future progress in my fitness, thinking I should have been able to use 65s for incline by now.

So my program is going to be medium-high volume and frequency, but lower intensity. So I wanna aim for 4-5 days per week in the gym. around 5 sets per exercise, and never going to failure or even high emotional arousal/grinding reps. I want to do just enough to stimulate the muscles and I want to leave feeling like I could do more.  Basically I want focus on feeling strong all the time. Jogging and other cardio will play a key role because for one it improves sleep, and for another it does things for the body that leave the body in a high energy state if the cardio is just enough and not too much.

Also I will put way more emphasis on technique because I notice all the lifts where my technique is sub par or I keep changing which technique I use, those lifts have not improved. Mainly the seated cable row here I was undecided about using my lower back and legs or just upper-back and arms. Just upper-back and arms it is.



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