My interest in people: Music/Art: Curiousity/Growth

Introductory ramble: I feel like the the mbti geek youtubers I end up watching the most, and even just the people I get along the best, are those that have an appreciation for the same music and art as me. I feel my interest in people may center around what they communicate through their music/art more than other things they study in school let’s say. As well the experiences of these things that I can share with another who feels the same feelings as me from said music/art bond us by a very important common interest. If I were to see music/art as a tool, it would be one for creating new realities/perspectives sort of like an epistemology but for the emotional world? Which I mean emotions are not simple happy or sad, it seems they can be complex enough to represent specific situations even. Emotions are a large part of how a person experiences reality so I feel they could have their own epistemology.  I feel there is much to be discovered as far as emotional realities and these experiences make us more whole. As well creating and communicating these experiences allows for even more growth.

Importance of spiritual growth vs medical advancement: I often wonder if this type of growth, emotional/spiritual ect is very important in a world with so much diseases ect. However I think authenticity should be applied and so I should follow my love. To back this up there is more and more scientific evidence that doing things to reduce stress and increase positive emotions increase life span at the genetic/epigenetic level. Not to say I will only think about art or people, because I become curious about other things all the time. just that is seems I have an affinity for art and it’s complex relationship to me and to others. I solve problems as they arise however when my problem is finding something to love and work towards it seems to dominate my mind as without it, without love, I feel low energy and unable to focus on the big picture.

Bliss: This emotional/spiritual enrichment , I feel it does much in the way of bringing bliss which even if it doesn’t mean living forever it will at least be part of living full. I can when in the mood enjoy the process of creating new music as it speaks to me the whole way through if I get a good start, usually using piano to get good melody/harmony. Adding my own photography to the final product would be great as photography also displays new ways of feeling about things. However no pressure I can use other peoples are or no art. I can also collaborate with music producers who have the same understandings and motivations as me to make something and experience something together that we couldn’t on our own.

Music’s place in my life: Most recently though my thoughts on music’s place in my life is that although I may slowly develop some music on my own, maybe searching for new interesting music is more what I love. Discovering artists that speak to me in novel and enriching ways. Also for me it seems I have always been driven most strongly by mystery and curiosity. It’s easy to forget this when everyone is saying be productive. It’s like, maybe, I’m not sure but maybe, I really just want to find music rather than create any, however I feel a pressure to create some of my own maybe just to have something to show. Well might also be partly that I sometimes want to express myself through music in a novel way if someone else is willing to listen. However more often than not I’m not surrounded by the right people to inspire me to create something new to share with them.

About mysterious sounding music: See music can be mysterious, but I think it’s often(not always) that the composer intentionally writes the music to evoke that emotion, rather than that specific song having some secret to it. On the other hand, the fact that the mysterious sounding music was written speaks to the mystery that is the emotion being invoked. I mean, we know why the song makes us feel that way, but why would we want to feel that way and obviously we enjoy it so it speaks to the significance to mysterious experiences, and the significance of the creator of that music also being someone who gravitates towards the mysterious.

About discovery of people: I realize I love discovery but not any discovery. I mean, I don’t have much urge to discover new natural landscapes or planets or scientific ideas. I realize I am very people oriented hence the few posts back about interest in people. What I have to add to that idea is that I may want to focus on discovering new music producers and artists. It would be partly about the music and the art that is enjoyable, but more so I think I would be interested in the human element to those things. I would want to know who wrote the music, what inspired them to write it, what they feel when writing/listening to it, who they are as people, what their life philosophies are, ect. Music, not only mysterious sounding music, but music I really like automatically brings a curiosity in me as to the person behind the pieces.

Conclusion: Worthy endeavor: I mean, for most people, this probably wouldn’t be a “worthy endeavor” if I’m judging the worth of my endeavors. However for me seeing that people and especially people that do things I think are cool, are some of the most interesting things in the world for me, and given that my interest is deep enough that I create new knowledge doing so, I feel for me it is worthy. Worthy meaning it will be far more enriching that what others get from watching interviews of their favorite bands. I wanna go deep into this stuff, making connections between these people, and myself, and reality.

Connection to the mysteries of life: I feel like there is a difference between learning from someone who makes cool sounding music vs learning that same thing but from someone else. It feels like the fact that a person makes something I love makes them more credible to me? It’s just like judging a book by it’s cover. Seems my curiosity needs to be peaked for me to want to know about something that the curiosity doesn’t simply come from something that looks cool as might have been the case when I was younger. Now it seems it’s more about people. People who look cool, people who make good music, people who generate something that makes me feel love. I feel a curiosity, like, what do these people have to share about the world, about themselves. Maybe I feel like learning about people and about myself will help me understand the big picture of human life and the mysteries behind the experience of life, consciousness, afterlife, reality, ect.

It’s like in the Celestine Prophecy, the rule that people have messages for each other and there are signs for people to follow to deliver those messages. Maybe for me those signs are as obvious as that hot girl on youtube is saying intelligent things let’s have a listen, or this band is playing totally novel music, maybe they are novel people with novel ideas, hmm.

Then there is me and  so far I have a pretty unique style and look and I have youtube vids and music I made years, so I do feel I might attract some people. I also feel I will attract more of who love would dictate I attract the more I engage in my love, whether that ends up being me making music and art and fashion, or just creating more playlists with my eclectic tastes for people to find and photography from my unique perspective on the world as well as my blog, ect.

As I write this it makes more and more sense to me that obviously if I’m attracted to a person for healthy reasons, maybe I should engage them somehow.

Note: If the person doesn’t seem novel enough, like some people have novel looks but really they are just following a fad, I guess I wont bother with that, or if I can’t tell it’s a fad I’ll engage the one or two it takes t realize it is.

It’s very organic

My concience: “so Yusef, what are you going to do besides just having fun learning about other people and reality and stuff?”
My Response: “well instead of planning on a way to contribute as if I am obligated to do so, I think I’ll let the urge come organically if it does and I think it will. Now that I have something that builds love in me, I may have more love to give back in whatever ways are best. This post for example.”



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