Aging as genetic programming based on scarcity

I wonder if maybe the reason why humans are programmed to age and eventually die is as a way of minimizing the population growth while maximizing the increase in knowledge of that population. It seems many of the high level problems humans are left with in our modern age are based on scarcity programming so I am just curious as to whether aging is one of them.

It seems to make sense. Not only due to it’s efficiency but based on people having genes for cancer and diseases and being able to turn the off through meditation along with a generally healthy environment.

I also wonder btw weather the urge to reproduce is also based on scarcity. Example are how the sympathetic nervous system controls ejaculation, and other weird things like that which relate sex to high arousal/stress.

It’s not that I am wanting to live forever. I’m not willing to focus on that right now, it’s way to long term for me. However, I’d like to think things I do will help us progress in that direction, I don’t know why I am so interested in that out come , maybe it has something to do with personal development, and maybe something to do with my vanity of wanting to stay young.

Anyways, what I am willing to put effort into is how to improve my body day to day as much as possible. Enough that my improvements will outpace any aging that may occur would be amazing.

Knowing that mindfulness actually turn off genes for inflammation by the hundreds seems promising. Well, I mean, many an old asian man must have tried this back in ancient tims. I sure they lived long healthy lives, but I doubt they achieved or were even aiming for the kind of thing I am imagining. I think it would be cool to develop a method of training that will enable me to grow stronger, healthier, and with a more euphoric mood every day. I would like to have a linear increase in these things with no decrease in sight so that at 70 I would have reached captain america levels of fitness.

Iunno, we have technologies now to improve the efficiency of meditation like brain wave entrainment and biofeedback therapy. I am thinking this kind of thing would be worth looking into.

Oh so my main argument was that if aging is based on scarcity, and meditation/relaxation equals no scarcity, then a person who is totally at piece or even better, in a bliss like state at all times should be able to live indefinitely.

Biological abundance is now possible, I mean we can get food we need when we need it, and sleep well and exercise. This has increased out life expectancy by a lot. To the point where the things that kill us are things programmed into us to kill us, things our minds turn on but that can also turn off if we think the right way and meditate.

Also I wonder what our focus on meaningful living will do for out life expectancy although at the end of the day meaningful doesn’t always mean healthy, like war for example. So I wonder what bliss will do. Apparently happy people live longer.

So what I’m thinking is basically following bliss/love which would incorporate eating well, excersise, meditation and other people, as these are all things that increase not “happiness” but ability to feel happiness or joy(the difference being “happiness” is usually some fleeting in the moment pleasurable feeling where as the ability to feel it makes the persons happiness kind of independent of the situation. Like the person will be “bright eyed and bushy tailed” even just waiting in line for food or something. That’s not North America’s idea of happiness. The ability to feel happiness is like bliss as a biological state. It’s what you get when you jog 3x a week for a few weeks if you sleep well and do everything else right too.

So I’m just thinking that if bliss/love/abundance is the way to improving everything about oneself, then I don’t really have to focus all my energy on trying to research how to live longer. Instead I should follow my bliss whether that is music, people, fitness, medicine, whatever.

Also I will probably use the rule of variety as there are so many forms of meditation that do amazing things.Qi gong I did when I was 13 or so and after a few days or weeks of it I remember laying in bed just not really doing anything when all of the sudden I started feeling like these energy surges, pulses, like my whole body at once just flashed or pulsed with energy. I don’t know what that could have been but it was everywhere at once and didn’t feel like a heart beat, it felt like a series of jolts. My muscles weren’t contracting either, it was something else, nerves firing?

Anyways there are so many things about our bodies we just don’t understand yet so I feel it’s worth it to just explore these ideas within meditation and energy work. Yoga is another cool idea.



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