Doing what interests me: The study of People?

I started thinking, I need to stop focusing on just meeting people. It just doesn’t feel like a fulfilling idea on it’s own and it seemed that whenever I would be meeting people just for the sake of it, out of desperation, it wouldn’t work out. At least with the last person I met just in public, I was more focused on the curiosity, what could happen, who is she. Not on some need. At least I think that’s what it was although yes the habit of approaching was learned because I felt I needed to meet someone. I that one situation I had started jogging and taking vitamin d and sleeping well so iunno I’d like to say it wasn’t because of desperation that I met her, I’d like to say meeting her is inline with the idea I’m coming to.

The idea I have now is that ok so I need something meaningful to do, I can’t just be meeting people, trying to have sex, ect, it’s just not fun. So what is worth doing. What is meaningful is what I give to improve this world. What I can give from a place of abundance where it just happens almost effortlessly. What happens out of love. For me that is as I said in last mega post, that I organically come to discover ideas as I do things I’m interested in in the short term. Either conclusions that help me solve some problem I want to solve with some immediacy or just something cool  discover. Then I share that with others as a way of simply spotting and removing the piece of glass from the floor because I noticed it first.

So yeah I have problems or, well not really, I mean just deciding what to do is a problem you could say, but It’s more of a necessary hobby lol. Then how to gain muscle ect, problems but more of hobbies. Then stuff like the heel spur I have, problems but whatever I’ll fix it. What I’m looking for is not really a problem to solve, why would I look for problems just so I can be productive. That’s no fun and not even that productive. So What I’ll do is look for things I can discover. Discovery is fun. It’s what i enjoy doing. It’s organic, short term gain with no commitments. So what is interesting for me. Not movies or video games or anime anymore, they all seem the same now. People though, that is different. Well I know I just said I don’t want to focus on meeting people, but that was meeting people for the sake of company and support. Now I am talking about meeting/seeing/reading about people for the sake of discovery, learning, evolution.

Now I’ll just mention, I can study people in other ways like I can listen to new music as a way of studying the composer. New art as a way of discovering the mind of an artist. Ect. I might get to that actually but right now…

So I realized, why not check back to youtube and the MBTI channels. Find some I like. Then I found this INTJ and thought, well INTJ’s cognitively go well with ENTPs so let’s hear what she has to say. Which lead me to her blog which I’m glad I found!

Coincidentally I am using this blog titled knowyourselffree which was a name I came up with I think back in 2009. Since I have thought of many other things worth doing beyond knowing myself but somehow it always seems to come back to it. Not as a direction in itself but as an important tool in doing what I want to do. It’s coincidental because knowing ones self is what her blog I or at least the post I read is about.

Got some Bleach soundtrack music in the background so I’m taking in new information that way as well, and I feel like maybe I’m getting on track. Also I’ll not that learn about people doesn’t have to be studying people as objects. At least I hope not. I think the key here is for both people to be on the same page as far as wanting to learn about one another, otherwise the studier is always objectifying the studied.


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