Aesthetic movements: Goth, Neo-Victorian, Occult, ect: Transform society though intellectualism

I notice cultures of goth and such seem to attract, well attract lot’s of different types of people, lot’s of different personality types. However I have a suspicion that they attract a disproportionately high number of INTPs and INTJs and maybe some ENFJ. It just seems that when ever I check out an INTJ or INTP youtuber especially if she’s a female, the chance is high that she is into some occult or gothic type thing and also probably has an artistic bent.

I always got the vibe of power from the goth scene. All the black and the metal and the leather and vampires ect. It’s not dark as in satanic or savage, but it’s dark in a more mysterious way. Mystery is deeply tied to knowledge and intellect in my opinion because well the  that mystery brings out is basically an urge to learn.

I know there will be people in these cultures who will to me display the antithesis of what I feel, maybe they will be elitists, racists, iunno, but I’m mainly honing in on what I can gain from seeking interesting people from these cultures to interact with.

Now that I look back on my life, I mean I don’t to consider myself a goth or part of any one culture actually, but I know I have a interest in those more mysterious cultures. Resident Evil, Magic the Gathering, Halloween ect are all things I find very interesting for example and have since I was very young.

I had this dream maybe a year ago where there was this house party I went to with a friend. For some reason I ended up checking out the basement, probably curious, and there were these two girls dressed in a really weir lolita style fashion and I think they were talking in russian or something. It as so mysterious to me that I didn’t want to leave the room. I wanted to stay down there and see what would happen, what message they had for me maybe iunno.

I was just watching breaking bad and wanted to see the reason behind Hank and Marrie’s house being decorated with so much purple. Well purple stands for richness, royalty ect, but more importantly it stands for mystery which was fitting as Hank was a police officer and his role throughout the entire show was solving his big mystery.

I realize again this symbolism in Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time where the Shadow temple’s Medallion is Purple and that temple is full of dangers and also mysteries requiring “the lens of truth” to see what can’t otherwise be seen.

So I feel like Goth and Occult and those darkish cultures for me represent mystery and consequently they represent knowledge and therefor power. Therefore I feel it only makes sense that other people who feel this way will also be drawn to these cultures. As I said I don’t expect everyone to be there for that reason so I’m sure I will see /meet people who are totally not who I want to interact with. I just feel that it i most likely that if I look into these cultures, and maybe dress in a way that attracts these types, I will meet more of this type.

It’s interesting that it has taken me so long to decide to check these areas out more deeply. What I think had been holding me back was knowing this culture attacts people I don’t really want to talk to, same with magic the gathering ect. However, I realize now that it also attracts a high number of the people I do want to talk to and the reason why, and why I really like it, that we like it maybe for different reasons than others do, or at least process things a different way, and that it is worth checking out.

Also this is a good example of art transforming society as gothic artists attract people with a thirst for knowledge and when those people come together. Well we’ll see!


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