When not distracted by money: More Meaningful goals that became apparent: Science, Teamwork

After a previous post where I discussed the idea of working to improve the world as a hole I did even more thinking.

Yesterday I realized I could easily start a club or a few clubs to do certain things like get people interested in science together and discuss ideas top-down and see how far we can get simply through discussions and research. I would do this with sciences like endocrinology and genetics as well as social sciences like education. I feel that a lot of people just don’t set up enough meetings. Not enough team work going on between students and most people are content to contribute in their own independent way. However, for me it seems almost the opposite. I know things about many different areas, find it extremely had to chose an area to apply myself to, and very much enjoy getting a bunch of intelligent people together in a room to just discuss.

So this makes me think it would be a very meaningful thing if I were to do this.

Even more recently, like right before starting this post, I was thinking about my blog and how I was stuck at 16 followers for the last month. I realized none of the sharing or liking had done much and realized I would eventually have to start commenting on other peoples blogs if I hoped to get anywhere. If I even want to get anywhere like as far as people reading my ideas, my thoughts and taking something away from it, in large numbers.

I commented on a post about education and then I realized that the exact same thing I planned to do in real life was already available for me to start with online. I could just comment on other peoples blogs when the topics related to my goals for the world.

I feel like, I couldn’t see the value of commenting on other peoples blogs or sharing information with other people before because I was stuck in the mindset of, “I gotta get people to read my original ideas and like me and I gotta be the one man army that everyone comes to for advice on one specific subject because those are the people everyone gravitates towards and so that must be more meaningful.”

Now that I realize my strengths lie more in connecting things and understanding systems and innovating through making connections, I realize I don’t need to be some independent inventor of some unique thing everyone wants. I can be a thought leader without actually living in my basement only. I can lead through my interactions with other people and their ideas.


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