Extrovert Contentmet in loneliness

I think that since school has ended and as I have understood my desire for social interaction and especially certain kinds, I have been feeling the full weight of loneliness. I have spent the last week in an almost non stop quest for a good social outlet and have come up almost empty handed. I mean, I have met people, but I am still for the most part alone with my thoughts and feelings.

It’s at the point where I’m considering doing things I’m not even that interested in just so for the opportunity to meet people I want to meet but I realize that wont work because if I become that desperate I wont be healthy and my relationships wont be either. So how can a lonely person develop decide to not be lonely, and THEN quality relationships.

So I did some thinking and remembered that I’m not always so lonely when I’m by myself. It seems like there are things I am thinking and doing that I wasn’t thinking or doing before that are contributing to this problem.

Things like going to bed late, eating too much of the same kinds of foods, and especially I think not doing any cardio.

I know I felt a sense of contentment before and although I was in school and had some very key relationships that probably influenced my state of mind, I feel that state is achievable on my own.

I think all this thinking about doing something meaningful (although important) has lead to me focusing on my social life with the same determination and impatience and while that state of mind seems to work well for personal goals, I don’t think it will be the same for relationship goals because in a social interaction I feel I am at my best when I am adding something positive to it rather than trying to get what I want out of it.

So, for the sake of future social interaction, I will try and let go of the desire for these interactions as an end to themselves and focus on the other things I want, as well as the relationships I do have which are great, and see if new relationships form organically. It may take more time than I want, but maybe only relative to my impatience.

So in summary, although it seems hard for extroverts to go without energizing social interactions for too long, for the sake of my present and future relationships I want to focus on building happiness independent of my social goals and I feel this is possible with a combination of diet, sleep, exercise, and whatever social relationships I already have.



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