Found a specialty skill (ok rapper + ok singer + ok comedian = Good actor?)

For the last few days I have been thinking I would love to busk around the world. What would I do though? What would be my method of busking?


There are so many things I do once in a while that with some effort I could get good enough to perform with for money. Things that people already think I’m cool for doing. My problem is I don’t enjoy mastering any of these skills, only doing them when inspiration hits. Why is that? More importantly, with buskers out there that are truly amazing at what they do, is there any way I can really compete, I mean to really be impressive and valuable. To do this I thought maybe, I need to find something that I am actually already amazing at and do all the time but don’t realize I do it. Something I would realize I’m actually way better than most people at and that is natural and easy for me.

I realize, I have always enjoyed acting. It comes second nature to me. Body language acting like miming and clowning, voice acting, acting out funny ideas or characters. Then I realized WTF,  all the other “performance” things I do can be grouped as acting as well. An actor might need to be able to rap, sing, be funny, do martial arts, ect. So what I realized is that I am a natural actor.

This is similar to how I found out that being a “writer” was freeing because you can write about basically anything, story ideas, jokes, science ect. This was great for me because I have so many interests that it wouldn’t make sense to try and focus on one. I’m glad therefore that i have this blog where I can write about anything. Maybe the street will be where I can make social connections with people through acting which would be an all encompassing activity.

Also the things I notice about doing all those things (therefore acting), instead of sticking to one area, is that when I do these things, it’s often when I am happy, or else when I do them, which ever I need at the moment, it makes me happy. So it increases my energy. I think this is good in a Celestine Prophecy type of way and it makes me ponder further the idea that the things people should be doing are things that increase their love.


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