Careers/feilds focused on people, the body, Wonder: Chemistry?

Thinking more about jobs
Do I want fast pace physical
Do I want high stress engaging
Do I want most money least time
Do  want most travel/people/novelty

Nurse?Police?investor?travel agent?

This site , a convo on careers for ENTPs lead to a guy saying neuroscience is great for ENTPS.
Some INTJ guy says is to much detail, psych is better. From what I’ve seen I agree.
Some INTP guy names windex response to first guy: “Yeah or biomedical engineering or chemistry. It’s awesome and all but I’m so lazy to be in school anymore. I read something about Chemistry being the one that cures cancer and I value that more than Physics as a career even though I love to learn physical theories. It just seems sometimes like the world of ideas is useless unless there is practical application. I want to see any ideas I get to work with on develop into something directly affecting people. Neuroscience is amazing stuff. I always try to tell people about their brain’s plasticity when they think they aren’t bright. And how the brain cells are growing throughout”

I totally feel him on physics not seeming applicable to me, I feel the same about math. Maybe this is what people mean when
they say ENTPs do well it careers that are people focused. It could mean focused on the human vs on something else.

Then as I thought about the possibilities of me actually enjoying chemistry, which I do when it applies to me, I started to remember a girl from a long time ago who was studying chemistry in high school for university or Bio-Chem and I thought about doing the same but ended up not doing so. For one, as a teenager I had lot of other interests. Many just ego driven like fame or recognition. To many distractions from what might have really made me happy. Now though, I realized it might be interesting if I end up in chemistry. Then a strange feeling happened.

team sleep take you down remix
Memory regression, Barbara(reminded by the song) -> Amy(Reminded by the feeling of being reminded by a song) -> Brats of the lost nebula(More Regression, almost able to control it)
The memories where laced with a feeling of wonder of what my life could be. How much potential I have, how much i could do and/or discover. These feelings didn’t really come up when I though about computer science or physics. All I felt thinking of those, the maximum I could feel, was a futuristic feeling of being able to see things through technology, and other imaginings of what technology could do. Sure things are left to the imagination, but I still felt like I could imagine it all. I could see my life planned out and it was boring as shit because I don’t really care about technology beyond whatever I have available. I don’t desire the newest phone, gaming consoles, cars, or any of that. My focus is more on my body and my mind. My life. As well, with chemistry, I can’t even imagine what could be created because chemistry is not predictable like computer science seems to be. I guess this is because chemistry is not a man made things like computer science is. Chemistry is the universe. Isn’t this feeling what life should be about. Wonder.
Wonder is travel independent. Space independent and seems maybe even time independent since memory can call it up.
What I though I wanted was to travel, but now I realize, I can go somewhere not too far to experience new scenery, what’s more important is always having a sense of wonder. It seems almost people independent when you really find it. This is important because I was this whole time thinking I could only function in a job working with others, as well as one that was physical.

If I can just learn more about psych which I want to, and chemistry which I might want to, it could be awesome.
Also it seems my interests are always centered around myself. They can still be of value to others, but initially I find interest in things if they are related to me and improve my life, my vision, in some way.

So if I look back at my life, a big part of my vision has always been becoming super human. If nothing else I would have way more freedom that way. Computer science isn’t about creating a super human, it’s about creating a system normal humans can function on easily. I don’t need things to be easy. I don’t need a robot to clean my house. I want to not need a house.

I feel like chemistry more than any other science gives a person a strong sense of independence and control. Not just because of Breaking Bad although that’s part of it. So many things can be done with knowledge of chemistry. Electricity is based on chemistry, which means all of technology is too. Well anyways, this is just me observing myself. I didn’t feel very empowered learning computer science, didn’t get that feeling of wonder. Maybe I can feel those things for Chemistry which seems to be the key to most things. Well I’ll probably have to learn more math this route but if it’s related to me, my body, my biology, why wouldn’t it be worth my while. I want personal empowerment and if this will give me it I wont say no.

Also there is the fact that I was avoiding neuroscience because of the chemistry but if I like chemistry now I guess I could do neuro. However, do I want to focus on the brain? I wont rule it out but seems boring right now. As for learning Chem maybe I should study on my own to see if I can even get into it. Maybe I just need to learn it a different way from how it’s taught in school. More of a emphasis on wondering about the possibilities.


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