Web development the fun way? Hacking vs build from scratch?

I was beginning to wonder if I’d have anything to write about for today. I’d be ok with it if I didn’t, I mean, I don’t want to force it.

Introduction: How can I like learning web development?

So I have been thinking a lot about the state of the economy and how many of the jobs are in the science and technology field and how I and I guess others as well, don’t really see any interest in it. However, we want good jobs…so well for me today I was thinking, is there a way I can learn web development and not feel like shit the whole time. If there was a way I could make learning web dev as fun as going to my customer service job at least, I’d be able to learn it and get a better job. So I thought about what  about it makes me gag. Then what I could do to change that, and lastly and most recently realized another way of looking at the whole learning experience that could make it feel extremely empowering so that I would possibly gain a interest in it.

1) What makes me gag?

The fact that I’d be learning it on my own in my room by myself.

The fact that I’m not really curious about every little detail that I would have to learn because it’s really not that complicated at all.

The fact that it would be hours of each day going towards just a job, nothing meaningful.

2) How to fix

Music: When I would program with music I could go way longer. Music is almost like a social force. It’s like someone else putting emotions in to you.

Social: Maybe find meet ups or take a course, but I feel like I’m to proud to chose school just so I can be with people. I just feel like there should be a way for me to make this work.

Social: Work on projects that are social, like web dev of a forum or survey or something where you can show other people and they can participate. Also humor web sites like “isittuesday.com”

Time on task: I realized I don’t spend hours on this blog, if I did I probably would burn out. I do an hour, maybe more if I get an idea. Same with working out, and I’ve been pretty consistent all year with the gym although it is a gym at school around people.

Time on task: I could try doing only 20 min a day, or just doing one small thing to build a website every day. I could focus on learning using tutorials instead of trying to do everything by trial and error where I would have to focus time on solving bugs.

Time on task: With gym and with writing I have no end goal so I never really obsess over finishing. This keeps the pressure off. Maybe I could do that with programming as well.

3) Big picture learning

I think certain types like entp, are more big picture types so we learn better when we can see the whole picture. However, how programming and much of science is taught is details first, which is very boring for me.

Also I find that assuming I have to learn how to make a website from the ground up is actually extremely dis-empowering. I think it’s a function of a different set of values and different philosophy of education. The worst is constructivist learning but I wont get into that, and it probably has it’s place anyway, just maybe not for people who need a job to survive. However, if someone said, make me a website by tomorrow or you die, how would you do it. I get the feeling most teachers would say, well yo better learn fast and type as you go. The best thing to do though, is get a copy of a website close to whatever one you need to make, and go from there. At least for me anyways, it’s far better than learning from scratch. In fact, if I want to get a job doing web dev, I would rather learn what I need from a template web site and change as needed, than start from scratch each time. Also, as far as feeling empowered from technology, I am far more empowered knowing that I can get and use and alter things other people have made, than thinking I will have to rebuild everything from scratch. It’s just so much more efficient, and for me a key thing is that I am getting the most value from the least work. Even when I’m at work.

So if I wanted to get into any kind of tech field, I think I would focus on hacking in that field instead of any inventing. Also hacking is cool, most people think hacking is cool. It’s so powerful. You can learn all about a system in the same time it would take for you to be able to code from scratch, a little part of it, so which is more valuable. For me it’s the one that holds my interest, knowing the system, especially with the philosophy that knowing the system is value to me and therefore to others, even if I can’t create it fro scratch, because I can use it to do other things. I can hack it.

Thank-you for reading. Feel free to like, comment, subscribe. More to come!


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