Entertainment that is educational has been/will be a key element of meaning in my life

Introduction: Entertainment that is educational has been/will be a key element of meaning in my life

So I just realized a lot of the most meaningful experiences and educational experiences were from fiction novels, and video games, and tv, and movies, ect. Not only that but I feel that video games, literature, and other entertainment is key in the ever increasing IQ of the human population, the majority of which is not post-secondary school educated. I also realized I have been avoiding doing all of these things. Now though, I realize these are some of the most important things in my life, things that have played a big role in shaping who I am. So the short story is that this might be the conclusion to all the pondering of the last few posts. The I continue my indulging in this entertainment and as I feel inspired, create some of my own. Also while indulging, make notes about what I learn and my reflections and connections I make from what I take in. These plus my observations of my life including problem solving ect, will become blog posts, e-books, ect.

Losing out on Heroism?

My biggest issue with entertainment is the feeling that I’m missing out on something. Like, all the cool things that are happening in the games and stories are things I wish I was doing in real life but I can’t because I am doing these games. I guess I had been feeling an urge adventure like final fantasy, and maybe a sense of importance(although this might be irrelevant as not everyone gets or should hope for a chance to save the world from some sort of doom. Reading story lines which glorify a single hero(or band of heros) seems to breed or cater to a more narcissistic world view. These days I feel the world is to big, and with too many people with too much potential, for anyone to focus on being the world hero. I mean, it fosters a sense of hope that you can do whatever you achieve even if others can’t, but it does so by pitting people against each other in way by glorifying the few which automatically downgrades the rest. I think better would be a concept of everyone doing what they do best and it all helps everyone. I’d rather no one need to be the hero, but otherwise I’d rather at least no one feel the need to be one out of need for validation. Just enjoy life and help where you can ect.

Losing out on Adventure?

Adventure, it seems, isn’t something that you earn by getting the right kind of job, and it isn’t something you go out searching for just for the sake of it, at least not with such a broad scope as, “an adventure”. I think adventure happens when you either want to discover something that you know could hold many possibilities or if you have a goal that will require you doing a lot of new things and will involve a lot of unforeseen events taking place. For example, talking to a stranger or even more narrow, talking to a stranger you find sexually attractive. You two talk and decide to meet again, from there it could go in so many directions but it will be an adventure. Another example, well Ash ketch-em from Pokemon, wanted to be a Pokemon master and that took him on all kinds of adventures. So really, if someone decided they wanted to play in MTG tournaments around the world, they should expect it to be an adventure. I mean, it wont be the type of adventure where you have to fend for you life and possible kill a man, but honestly, that type of adventure, although glorified in today’s entertainment, is not fun. y’know, like, you would like some ptsd to go with your jail time? Also what is the difference between a discovery of science or the physical world and a personal discovery of some cool idea in literature. If it’s meaningful to a persons life, that’s all that should matter. To me, hearing about new scientific discoveries is cool but pales in comparison to a good read.

One way conversation

Another problem I had was related to pride or even simply self-efficacy I guess when I felt that I was just taking in information from these sources of entertainment and learning. I place a lot of importance on my intelligence so I guess I felt like it was an extremely one way experience and like, “will it always be them talking, me listening, as if they will always remain the knowledgeable and me the lacking, the needing?”. I mean I’d have no problem with meeting someone who can teach me a lot of new things, and I hold myself responsible for improving my intellect as needed independent of it’s level relative to others. I guess I just can’t handle it when I feel like, “I’ve thought of that, I could have written this, I know all this already, why are you still telling all these things I don’t need to hear?” Now I realize it isn’t like that exactly. I am choosing to observe the thoughts of humans. The authors/producers ect are humans and I experience them and their knowledge through their work. Then I come to my own conclusions. This is self-directed learning based on what I find interesting, and I’ll make sure I don’t stick to something if it isn’t teaching me something new. Also, humans are naturally social and this socializing is a very efficient means of building knowledge. I am not interested in proving my ability to survive and build knowledge on my own. Then I write about my conclusions for other people to benefit from, and I guess for self-expression so it not one way and by me expressing my self, it because more meaningful as someone else gets to read what I’ve thought and maybe use it for something meaningful. Ultimately I am interested in living a meaningful life and for me this includes other humans ect.

Links: For reasons why someone may want to read more literature(or I guess play video games with good stories)


Thank-you for reading, I hope you enjoyed. Feel free to comment, like, subscribe, more developments to come!


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