Journal 18/04/2014: Meaningful Direction Brainstorm: Celestine Prophecy: Interests: People, Lives

Idea: find things that bring me energy because then I’ll have energy to give back like Celestine prophecy style.

Note: knowing that doing something I’m interested in will add to my life and knowing that the knowledge can be given to others.
Note: I don’t have to pick just one thing and actually should have many bcause variety and novelty are important for me.

Defining “adds to my life” I do this to compare it to the ideal of the scientist or inventor to adds tangible product to his world:

By add to my life I mean learning how to solve a problem or add pleasure in a way that requires me to learn and grow. So it wont be just like jerking off to porn which in the end adds no joy. So whatever things add to my life will be empowering. Also Curiosity is strong in me for things I feel it for and this adds meaning to my life and especially when I can share my findings/discoveries, with others. So meaning for me(energy in) and knowledge to share(energy out)

What adds to my life the most in that I find interest in it and learn and grow from it

Strongest: I have a strong desire to know more people, and their lives, how they think ect, as well as my self and my life and how I think.

So in general Psych, sociology, philosophy, language, ect. And for these areas I enjoy learning and creating both fiction and non-fiction. Although within these fields I need the freedom to learn only what about it interests me, not forcing myself to learn what others think I should. At times one of these becomes most interesting if it solves a problem, especially phil which I call what I am doing now, phil.

Next is having fun with people. Listening to music, ect. These add meaning but usually more incidental learning.

Next is expressing myself(through fictional or artistic means) although I guess I don’t often have the motivation to do it. ALSO I get most of my motivation for this when I am inspired by some event or revelation or feeling. Often something social(poetry: relationship/friendship) or involves people(movies, books, videogames for AMVs) and also I often need to know that people will connect with what I show otherwise why bother.

Authenticity and the disadvantaged:

I wonder if everyone has an area of learning/doing/ect where if everyone did it, everyone would be happy and have enough energy to pass around to anyone who they could help, resulting in everyone who needed help, getting that help. The problem we have now at least in the most powerful country in the world is that people don’t like poverty/weakness ect. They see it as a burden. Why is this? What I wonder is if a person with energy coming in has enough that they feel inspired to give of their abundance to whoever they can including those in need. Or maybe they just give to who ever wants what they have to offer and leave the rest. Would that still be enough if more people did it instead of trying to be something inauthentic?

On thinking vs creating value:

Photography seems cool. Taking pictures of people and life, hmmm. I mean, if I really NEEDED to fend for myself, and do programming ect, I could. I’d still do the minimum I’d have to in order to get by though because excelling in something just for the sake of it, having more stuff just for the sake of it, is not fulfilling for me. It’s not freeing. I need to be authentic. I still find myself being obsessed with people like ENFJs ect. It’s often people who do cool things. Does this make me just an observer, never doing cool things of my own? No, it makes me authentic. Also if I reflect and come up with more inspired ideas, that is the cool things I do. Does it matter that I don’t create something tangible or something that can be sold? No, I think we have enough consumer products. I want to gain energy. I want to be the most authentic version of myself. If I create something, I want it to be out of love.

Note: Hanging out with friends will be separate from planned study of people though, although if I am inspired by observations of my life or theirs or them ect, of course I’ll note it, but  No, I don’t want to do hang out just for the sake of being productive.


Here is a link to a blog that has a lot of information on NP types and how they are as writers, which I feel can be generalized to how they feel about learning and improving and self-expression and meaning stuff because that is usually what we write about

Here is a link to a forum where an ENTP discusses with others about how he is interested in people and not in technology and the conclusion is that he is still an NT and many are this way:


Thank-you for reading, and please feel free to comment with thoughts and to subscribe for more developments!


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