Journal 17/04/2014 Meaningful Directions for ENTP Brainstorm: Public Policy, social work, philosophy, investing

Technology alone would not give me a sense of purpose because it doesn’t give me as much of a sense of power as philosophy does because most of my problems have been solved by philosophy, not technology. However, do I even want to work on starting a business, or do I want to focus on making a more people oriented change on the world. My background in dragonball z, sword of truth, ect, has given me a sense of heroism. Or maybe I was just attracted to that idea. Also I seem to always been in the midst of some interpersonal intercultural conflicts and unlike most people, I deal with them in healthy ways so that I retain my health.

I don’t think I’ll ever find programming as meaningful as I’ll find interpersonal conflict resolution. On the one hand, I feel like social work is me doing good only because people have issues. With programming I am creating value that I don’t see as valuable compared to social work. Also I feel like my ideas are more valuable that coding web development or personal training of one person at a time. I guess as far as creating value, I would focus on investing strategically, and hiring people to do shit, not on doing the minor detail stuff. Expect when totally necessary which is never otherwise I would be doing that because it would mean it was meaningful enough because if it’s something important but no one wants to do it, maybe I would. Working in policy would give me the ability to use my strengths and focused o he big picture of society and changing it for the better for myself which means I’m empowered, and for others which gives me meaning.


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