Ways people find meaning + Philosophy Journalism is what I seem to do

Ways to look at meaning in life

1) Meaningful work done to help others
1a) Selflessly
1b) something you also want
1c) something you find interesting(maybe this always impies 1b)

2) Meaningful work being true to self only
2a) sociopathic stype
2b)Just focused on whatever you enjoy hoping to get paid
2c) if you actually love helping people so much(impied 1/1a)
3) Meaningful life 1 or 2, + work for money separatly

4) Meaningful life 1 or 2, + Passionate/Interesting Work Separatly

Another way I looked at the question of what I would enjoy doing that is meaningful enough to me and productive enough that it actually empowers me and therefore empowers anyone I share it with. Not as something to do for money nessesarily, just something I can’t not do. Something I know I must obsess over because it is just so good for me and therefore for others.

I stopped googling for a second and thought for myself and came up with “philosophy” which makes sense considering what I’m typing right now. It really seems to be the greatest source of empowerment in my life. I might not be able to teach kids in africa my philosphies ect but I do think philosophy will lead me to solutions to many problems in the world. If not, it will lead me to a dead end and I will at least know there is a dead end there, instead of never making a choice on what path to take.

I feel like beyond how much I use philosophy, I tend to enjoy it or other interesting concepts in fiction, sciece fiction, ect. So it seems that philosophy may be one of those things I will always have an interest in which would make it the perfect candidate for my education, and blogging, ect. It will be meaningful to me because it makes me happy and empowered to be happier. Nothing else seems to have that power.

I also had the idea that maybe ENTPs shouldn’t try to find one meaningful path and should allow ourselves to do more in the moment educating beyond what we would need for a specific career path. Basically lots of good movies, video games, books, art music, fun shit especiallly that has philosophical message and create my own philosophies as needed. I especially want to allow myself to ponder and wonder at all the little but awe inspiring realities of my life as it pans out.

It’s not that philosophy alone will dominate what I do or think about. Just that I will make an effor to keep it fed through media input and continue to use it to solve my problems, but now as well, use it to solve the worlds problems as well. My developing philosophcal abilities as well as whatever other knowledge areas I need to draw from for the specific problem. This is what I imagine when I think of like, some mysterious genius guy or girl who has the answers to everything. Especially when it comes to helping other people, I think where possible, it’s better to tell them how to solve their own problems, give them the knowledge, the philosophy, instead of charity. Knowledge can be used, built on, and paid forward. Charity, is to make-believe that you are responsible for someone else’s life.

This isn’t to say I wouldn’t give somone CPR if they needed it. It’s just to say I think considering who I am, I may have more to offer as a provider of knowledge for whoever I can reach, than an english teacher in a 3rd world country. If I find that, I am not making money doing this thinking, but AM making a huge difference, I might be willing to work whatever job so I can focus on the thinking. Or at least make the thinking top priorety in my life so that my life retains meaning. It feels weird to call what I do philosophy or philosophizing. Those words have so much stigma. I only do it because it is a category, a field. It seems if something doesn’t have a category, it doesn’t have importance, at least in the view of society. Names give things power. If what I do has no name or no known name, will people respect it. I call it philosophy for the sake of giving an understandable description of what I do. To be honest though, philosophy is what someone else does. It’s what is done by the person who coined the term. What I do… is figure out how to get what I want in life.


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