Meaning is anything that is important to me, minus the stupid social pressures

Short post.(I said this cause I really thought it would be…)

Curiosity/discovery and compassion share the similar feature of knowledge acquisition. Curiosity is just the urge to understand or know something. Compassion is the consciousness effort to understand the situations of other people and the similarities that connect you and them. So I guess knowledge… yeah it’s vital.

Ok, 3 types of meaning.
First is from experiences/understandings/discoveries in life. (maybe including dualistic interpretations, noticing coincidence, ect)
Second is loving other people and self, compassion.Third, perceptual meaning like deep/dualistic spiritual feeling/meaning from music or sex, ect.


I notice I have felt much meaning in my life, even just through music I’ve made or heard, and then from cool events like happen to meet someone special. Then achievements and transitional periods that marked milestones in my life. I guess it’s as the article said. There is meaning all over, you just have to notice it. It’s really about what things are important to you in that regard, like if you look at what I’ve listed as meaningful to me, it’s simply things that are important to me.

I guess my real problem is that most of these things were just life events, or just things I happened upon, not really goals I have achieved. I mean, I am a goal oriented person, but only if the goal is important already, like starting a relationship, hitting rock bottom and climbing out. None of these are goals I just set out to accomplish for the sake of meaning. I probably said this in my last post but I’m saying it another way I guess.

Meaning is about what is important to you. Now if you care about other people, those are strong emotions so that will give you very important things to focus on. However, if you don’t do that, as long as you do what you want, and especially new things you didn’t expect, and things that show you new heights of pleasure(at a spiritual level if possible) you will be doing meaningful things. You will have things to look back on and write about.

So my debate is, do I focus on compassion and let it possibly inspire me to do meaningful things to help other people (which honesty feels like I would have no direction and not necessarily get to work from my strengths) Or should I focus on discovery(which automatically leads to discovering spiritual pleasures, music, beauty, observations about life, dualities, coincidences) and creating of novelty(stories, music, ect) that becomes meaningful(and it really does). Then share that meaningful stuff with other people(out of compassion). Instead of trying to go about it in some goose chase fashion.

So basically, I’m wondering now if what humans are really searching for is meaning, and that they distract themselves with drugs and human trafficking ect because their lack of meaning = lack of happiness. In my experience, a really beautiful song can change my mood for the better for at least a day. I don’t mean, listening to rihanna and feel better about relationships. I mean, listening to deftones or nujabes and feel like it’s a meaningful experience. I guess maybe what people need to do is work on building up meaningful experiences, at least people like me who get bored easy.

I’m not saying compassion isn’t important, I think it really is. I just wonder if I should be thinking of finding ways to help others, or if maybe I have found it, just by doing and creating things that are important to me, and therefore meaningful. I’m goal oriented so I would be focusing intentionally on finding and creating meaning and so these are things I would be able to give to others, Things I find and create that are important to me. I mean, It’s not like I could make a collage of my life and give it to someone and expect them to see it as meaningful. However, I could suggest others make a collage, if I thought it was that important. I don’t tho. Also I’m studying psychology in school, but of course, I do that cause it actually interests me and I’m around people, therefore it’s important that I have that experience. (Maybe a bit of social pressure to be able to find a job at some point, but not really, it’s more that I love being in school around people, therefore pleasure, therefore I do it)

I wonder if I a the type to derive that much meaning from compassion. I guess it’s worth a shot although I hate making routines lol, but I feel like regardless, my best bet when it comes to actually helping people will come from my strengths which come from my level of interest in an area which comes from curiosity and wonder and novelty ect. Then I can feel the meaning when I give away my products and people thank me. Then I guess if at no other time, I will realize how much I’ve helped others, Iunno, the world often seems to big for me to get fired up about trying to save it. I’m not trying to burn out. I’m trying to add the most positive energy to the world through my love, so if that comes easier through just my love of novelty and loved ones, maybe it’s authentic enough that it will have a huge impact, as long as I share the abundance. I will have adventures, but I’ll have them my way, not planned out tours, but discoveries.




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