Curiosity a source of meaning & Creative Writing for ENTPs

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I might focus on observation like davinci but maybe focus on curiosity and things that arouse that sense of curiosity in me and others.

I just feel like, the unknown is a big part of why we chose to go on living. Or at least, a reason we are scared to die.

Now, if I were really going to try to unlock the secret of the whole universe, I guess I might do it through physics, or maybe philosophy and I will keep those two ideas in mind.

However, my philosophy so far is that there is infinite everything. This would include mystery. Meaning no matter how much I learn, about life, reality, ect, there will always be new horizons and frontiers. Doesn’t mean learning more is pointless though, just that there will always be more to enjoy.

So now I wonder, what brings me curiosity.

For me, well really cool music always does this. Music that sounds awesome and feels like it’s saying something to me and I can feel it but can’t articulate what it is exactly. That’s mysterious. Also Japanese stories like final fantasy ect. Also when I write stories and the ideas come together in ways I wouldn’t have imagined. Same if I create music, although I guess I like stories better. I like writing stories to music, kind of like creating meaning for it, like a psycho analysis of some sort.

I guess I’ll have to go 50/50 create mystery and seeking mystery? This way I always have more input to work with in creating good output.

I could focus the input on entertaining and cool stuff, which would make my outout equally cool. Or I could split things up more and go 25% academic input 25% entertainment input 25% academic output 25% academic output. Btw this counts as academic output. I guess yeah my “academic input” will be mostly philosophy that helps me improve my life, plus other interesting things, plus school. Academic output would be the same. Therefore the academic input is really an automatic thing already.

Also I can make a habit of searching for cool observations and reading new things ect. Like how people would introduce me to good books, except now I have to find them.

So really what I’m saying I guess, is I need to allow myself to be entertained as much as I want, with input and output as long as it doesn’t affect my health(base line happiness which is important, see last post)

Also I guess I can do research on different topics as they fit into my story ideas!!!

It could just be because it’s 1:48 in the am, but i feel like I’m on to something. It feels like I am realizing something that I have been avoiding for a while actually. It’s like, all the music I wrote, and the drawings, ad the poetry, and the dancing, they were all ways for me to tell a story, a story I didn’t feel confident to tell in words. I mean, I don’t want to get to specialized like, “I am a story teller now” but I do think there is something to this that I could look into. It seems like the only thing I feel motivated enough to do and the get out there for others to enjoy. I would do it for free, just to share such cool things with people.

I know ENTPs could be good journalist but really, news is boring to me, I guess I just have high standards.

Hehe and I don’t plan on finishing any stories either, that’s not the point. Stories don’t have to have endings. They just have to have value, and I think mine will.

Also, the things about writing is it can be anything I want really. It’s pure in that way. What ever my interest is, I can weave it into a story, and kind of play with my interest through tale. So really, stories are an all encompassing passion. I’m thinking it could be one thing I could do and not get tired of.

In a way story telling/creative writing is like an branch off from my general writing. They are both things I can just do with high volume and not get tired because I’m just being myself. The writing on this blog is mostly my problem solving and observations.

The story writing I guess will be mostly my wondering, curiousty, free creativity, ect.

*See, creative writing has become a valid option for me now, only because I am willing to work just so I can do it and share it with people, instead of feel the necessity to be paid to do it. *

link to a convo about entps and writing


and this song

Reminds me that I would still enjoy having my own real life adventures to enjoy and observe, and then share with others. However, I find myself not wanting to adventure on my own as much. It just seems I’d rather invite someone to join me, to share the adventure with. I mean, just like I could just write the story in my head and never share it with anyone, why adventure on my own? Well I guess I could go out and write about whatever I see by myself, iunno, maybe I’ll end up doing some of that too. I keep envisioning having an adventure, like a final fantasy game, but maybe an adventure isn’t something I need to plan or expect to be like anything I’ve seen. Maybe life is an adventure, and it will be interesting to me, as I am in living it authentically.

So I have three meaningful things to do.

Write about my observations and problem solving for myself

Write creatively to share wonder, ideas, ect.

Adventure in real life by just doing new things, and things I want, and seeking the novel and mysterious, and with other people also, and write about my experiences there too when inspired.


I realize that by doing all this thinking and planning on how to make my life meaningful, I may be holding myself back from actually letting it happen naturally. Iunno, I guess I feel like I am already curious about things but that my need to do something big and meaningful is holding me back from just being curious and letting the big things happen automatically. So maybe I actually need to stop seeking to do something huge with my life, at least not as in a project oriented way. Instead do something huge by just enriching my life and having compassion so I can enjoy helping people when I get the chance.

Basically I feel like I am so focused on achievement but many of my achievements only come when I have something else I want besides just achievement. Basically I keep getting into the state of mind thinking “I have to achieve something big in order to feel truly happy”. I mean people say that don’t they? To be fulfilled you gotta have something to live for, something to work towards. The thing is, the problem isn’t that I just “don’t have a goal”. The problem is that I can’t see any goals worth having. So if I let go of this idea that “I need to have a goal”. I guess I will do what I really want. I guess I need inspiration which comes from exploring which is super rewarding and loads of fun on it’s on.

I guess this wouldn’t be everyone’s hing, but for ENTPs, or at least for me, it shows promise.





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