Meaning of life: Find, Experience, Create and Share Experiences and Help

That is how I can summarize what I want to do with every breath I take. I might be able to revise this later, but for now this is what I have.

Now a few observations about myself to work with in discovering at least some of what I like to do:

I enjoy doing security guard work. I enjoy having responsibility to deal with people and the autonomy to be left to make responsible decisions. I might even enjoy police work too now that I think about it. I didn’t think I would as I like independence and more intellectual pursuits. What I like about these jobs though is that I can touch and experience them. I’m not staring at a screen or a paper. I am out and interacting ad sharing experiences with people.

Next, wen it comes to music and film, I mean I enjoy making a good song or AMV because I enjoy the final product and how it speaks to me along with at least the possibility that I might share it with someone. However, what I find I get even more enjoyment out of, is interacting with the music and actually experiencing it in that way. I don’t really dance but I like to work out, shadow box, rap, sing, ect to music, as well as play it on guitar or piano as possible. A bonus if I can share that with others but either way I enjoy the experience.

I guess if I made vids or mvs of me interacting with music in these ways and focused more on the creativity and less on the filming aspect, I could get a lot out of the experience and probably create more to share as my motivation will stay higher.

So I’m thinking that as far as creating sharing and finding  experiences go, and while I’m living at home, I’ll be doing a a lot of interacting with music, cause I always have. Also I can switch security guard companies if I get bored.

These are more kinesthetic experiences though. I also realize that NTPs at least, seem to enjoy learning new things like in areas of science ect, but not really applying them, at least not grunt work like (web) programming. or financial planning. So iunno, I’ll keep learning and if I find or come up with an interesting concept I’ll share it, probably here, as I’m doing.


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