5 Reasons The End Of January Is Peak Breakup Season For College Relationships

Thought Catalog

I was doing some very lazy researching, and stumbled across a few graphs that charted what time of year breakups are most common. #Peakbreakupseason, in fact, happens to be around the beginning/middle of March. “Spring cleaning,” it’s allegedly called.

The stats temporarily bummed me out, given that I was planning to write an article (this article), about why the end of January is prime breakup time on college campuses. Then I remembered that college is notorious for “not being real life,” and that the majority of college doesn’t have anything in common with normal society. I know this, because this past Saturday I was super pumped to have gone out AND arrive home before 12am, barely even buzzed. If my college self ever got wind of this, he would’ve immediately gone out and purchased a shotgun.

Anyway, since college runs on a bit of a different schedule than the…

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