Brainstorm value Creation

Just brain storming other ways I can add value that are congruent with my strengths.

There are the problem solving strategies for relationships and general …bliss, to use the pop vocab. I ate some 90% chocolate before work today and work was a breeze, I worked so fast, it was amazing. Things like that and cycling on and off pre-workouts, things people can do to enrich their lives. Also I argued earlier, maybe I didn’t post it, that solving problems automatically enriching and an inspiration for enrichment. example, I only thought of the usefulness of cycling caffine after doing so before work to avoid being tired for 4 hrs. After this thought though I realized that in general, when someone is looking for a solution to a problem, like how to not be tired, what they really could look for is a way to have way more energy, instead of simply going back to baseline. Whatever the solution is, it’s best if it is expandable in that way, improving the situation beyond the baseline.

Another things I realized is I really enjoy commenting on music I like and I leave comments that get likes. I like to do in depth analysis of what I hear and how it make me feel. Beyond just expressing myself, I get to see if other people feel that same feeling or something different. It’s a study in psychology and sociology and how the music of the physical world impacts these things, as well as appreciation of good music.

As I might have said before, I think one main purpose of this blog should be to share the solutions to problems I encounter. The other thing I want to do is study things that interest me. Observe them and analyze and reflect and in this way create value. For example, if I hear an amazing song or see a wildly attractive girl I like to analyze the object of this intensly positive and novel emotion and ask why am I feeling this way exactly? What is it that I’m feeling exactly? What is it about this music of girl that makes me feel how I feel. I think doing this with music, I will be doing more than just music journalism, creating more value that that, and therefore should see more reward. For example, once you know why a song makes you feel a certain way, it will be more possible to create more of that feeling, or variants of it. Might take some study of music theory but if I enjoy it that ‘s awesome, if not, maybe I don’t need too much theory. If not in terms of money, in terms of positive life experience, this will be valuable.

So I will write about solutions to any challenges in my life and create stuff I like and I will write analysis on all the interesting and or enjoyable things I experience learn.


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