The Serotonin Experience: Vitamin D

About a month ago I started taking Vitamin D. Actually it was by random chance while cleaning my room that I found a bottle that I though was empty. Thinking I’d just throw it out I picked it up and it was half full. It was 400ui vitamin D pills. I took like 5 just to see what would happen. I thought maybe it would help with my recently low sex drive. Well at the end of my work shift I suddenly got this feeling. Well it was more of an inner dialogue at first, I was thinking about in general bad people, challenging people, threatening people. The I thought, I think I would love to than to laugh in the face of a threat, even if it would cost me my life. I just started feeling like being able to laugh in the face of danger, was as important as surviving.

The next day I realized this is how I start to feel in the summer(it was Feb when this happened). Also music started to sound way better than usual. These aren’t things I was expecting to experience while on Vitamin d so I don’t think it is any placebo. As well recently reading online confirmed that SSRI’s and other brain serotonin increasing supplements make music sounds really good.

I upped the dosage over the next week till I was taking 6000UI per day. My sense of humor improved a lot. However, it seems my filter for what is ok to do and not ok to do has decreased. For instance the cafeteria at my school gives crackers with soup but one day I just took some crackers by themselves which isn’t really something I’d usually do since it’s kind of like stealing when I take something that should go with something you buy. Also in my lecture class someone showed me a video of a guy doing a back-flip and landing on his head and I basically screamed “arrge” and then covered my face while laughing as everyone was looking at me.

More recently and part of why I have decrease the dosage is I started feeling first of all kind of disconnected from everything. Like life was passing by and wasn’t really something that was mine to hold onto and experience, but just something to watch as it passed each day. Then I started feeling like if I died that day or some time soon it wouldn’t really be that bad because I lived a full life. I had happy memories from childhood and early adulthood and if my life ended it would still hold value for having been lived.

On top of that, my sex drive grew even worse and my research tells me that was because increased serotonin decreases dopamine. Dopamine which is resonsible for sex drive and erections, neither of which I was experiencing, at least not while awake. So I’ve lowered the does and started taking cheese which contains tyrosine which has greatly improved my sex drive, and I think the other symptoms of high serotonin are beginning become more balanced as well. I don’t mind not being scared of danger but being disconnected isn’t really that much fun and I’m barely getting any school work done these days.



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