White Room Theory: Nothing “should have” been (06/2013)

hypothetical situation. A boy is forced to live his life in a white room.

He learned mindfulness and finds tremendous joy in every moment of his time in the room. He is then released as an old man of 95 and learns that it was let’s say his very oen father who had him put in there. So a lack based mentatilty might be to feel contempt for his father for keeping him from so much of the world. Only allowing him to see it when he has no time to even live. People will tell him, he was supposed to have experienced so much but that it was all was stolen from him.

And abundant way of viewing it would be that he was never promised anything. His life is what it is. He should just be thankful that he has life and make the best of it. If he knows mindfulness he would be able to continue feeling joy, and even more joy probably, now that he is free to see the world. There is only the present moment so there is no need to think about the fact that he is near death.

If he realizes that there are no rules he wont say his “rights” were violated. It is just how things happened. Justice is man made. Fairness too. Reality is only what is. Either figure out how to be happy or don’t. No point wasting time trying to settle scores that don’t exist.
The idea that he was “supposed” to live a normal life, doesn’t make sense. If he was supposed to, he would have. No one is supposed to be or do or have anything. No one was promised anything, those ideas are just cultural fabrications. Everything is just a gift, all of life is being constantly given in whatever way it is. Just make the most of it. That is working with reality. The only thing that is supposed to be is that a human life that is conscious, is conscious, and works towards what it wants. Even that, is a gift.

Also, if he had very high serotonin I’ll just add, he may be completely accepting of his fate with or without mental techniques or philosophical insights.


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