Philosophy of Value Creation

When I say value I don’t mean simply creating something
that has a use. I’m talking more of the steve pavlina “value”.
That value that is creatings something priceless. Something that
only you can create.

So as someone who would like to have more financial freedom I
find myself thinking about ways to make money which leads to
starting a business which leads to how can I create real value.
Something only I can create (hence no competition) and something
people would pay good money for.

I feel the process of value create maybe has not been understood
and therefore not correctly described by anyone I’ve read the works
of so far so I will try to cover this idea by correcting the main
things I feel people get wrong.

1) Follow you passion.
It’s not that simple. Follow your passion for most people is a dream
of being able to get paid to just enjoy yourself. “I like music, therefore
it’s my passion therefore I should be able to get paid to play or critique
it.” I’m sure there are people who do get this opportunity but I would
argue that they are not create that “real value” and that they are not
even following their real “passion(s)”

Let’s look at passion a different way, hopefully this will shed light
on the idea as it has for me, for you.

Hitler had passion. He saw what in his mind was a huge problem and
he was passionate about solving it. I can’t say he created anything of
value, because his passion was based on an inaccurate perception of
other human beings, in my opinion. He did have passion.

In my opinion, Passion is not just doing something you like, it’s an
energy for overcoming obstacles.

Let’s look at a more relaxed few of passion. Let’s say there is a guy
who generally likes music, and art and movies ect, and doesn’t really
like math or science ect. This type is pretty common I think.
Most would say one of these things, or all, will be his passion.
However, What else is going on in this persons life. His relationships,
his health, his environment. Is there something in his life that he wants
to see changed so bad but maybe just doesn’t think he is the guy to do it?
I think for most of this type, the answer is yes.

Now, to be clear, I am writing this because it is my solving of a problem,
so it is something I am doing with passion. Sharing it with you is also
something I do with passion because I want people to know what I know so
the world can be a better place. Also, more specifically, I am writing this
instead of studying biology to find a cure for cancer, because I know that
this is an area where my strengths, the philosophical way I approach a problem,
allows me to do the most towards a passion which for me right now is simply
how to make a living doing something meaningful.

2)Creating something you love vs solving a problem
Everyone has ideas, it’s easy to think of something you think would be cool.
However, would anyone else pay for it? The thing that makes solving a
problem so critical is that we are wired to value the solving of problems.
One idea that can solve one small problem for a person now is often worth more
to them that a number of great ideas that don’t solve a problem. See, great
Ideas are easy, solving problems are not as easy. EXCEPT, when you are passionate
about it, and when you are solving a problem that uses your strength


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