Science: Observation and Reflection,Day to Day Blog Operations, how to read through this thang,

I’m deciding now, how to go about providing the most value, all the value I have to give, and with the least amount of effort. I’m trying to find the sweet spot basically. Well my first thought is to simply do it like a journal. Write every major thought I have throughout the day. The pros of this method are …

Efficiency, I would be writing as I think so really no extra time spend
I would be recording more of my life which is good because I like being able to look back on memories
I would build a habit pretty fast doing it every day
I would not leave out any important details or gems that could end up being of major importance later on.

The cons of this method…

I might be putting a lot of information on here that ends up being of little value and is a pain to get through
Also privacy is kind of an issue to me

In reality, I do want to have a journal, a record of my whole life, I would love to have that. I also would rather not have a separate journal for private things as for public things, but I guess I’ll have to so something of that sort, maybe just with edited versions for public. I could highlight as I go along what will be private so I can do the edit as I go along. Doing everything as I go along is so key for me which is why I am typing these thoughts as I have them. If I don’t do this, it will take more effort and time to recall the thought process and then cull what is not as important. I’d rather put it all down and maybe edit after.

In my opinion, contrary to what academics may say, I don’t think presentation is important when it comes to solving important problems. At least for me, if the idea is promising enough, I will read through many hours of shit to get to that idea.  Not to say my writing is shit lol.In fact, I think writing could be much better if injected with a personality, if that personality is likeable(funny mostly). This way all the humming and hawing of the thought process could be injected with humor turning the readers experience into an experience, not a mining process.

So this blog will be my Scientific journal. In it I will be writing, documenting, how I go about solving problems in my life and achieving goals. I will do this with ease by simply using this blog as a thinking space to do thinking(which I need to do anyway) more efficiently.
Then because I am recording all this, I can go back and look at what I’ve wrote and make even more connections and draw more conclusions. Also, since I don’t do that too often, maybe other people who read this will find some new connections ect.


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