The study of Sexuality as a Health/Philosophical Algorithm

Sex is a big part of human life. For one, without it life would not have persisted until this point. I find sex and sexuality to be simply amazing. On all levels, intellectual, emotional, physical, ect. The drive to attract a female and share a sexual experience with her has led me to a huge number of insights. I guess to some people the resources and environment make having sex easy but for me it has been very long to even get started. However I am so glad I took the long road, reading about seduction, reading about how to adjust my neuro-chemistry to make socializing with females come easier, and all the new philosophies I generated to make sense of and connect many separate concepts.

For example:

if I think about what type of male would be most attractive to a female, in general of course(general meaning average meaning allowing for larger number of options meaning more sex) I find I automatically think of traits that are best for the individual male to have anyways. There is no difference really between the most attractive man (to a woman) and the most healthy man in general. Not to say there is only one type of man that is most attractive and definitely not to say that type would fit any stereotypical man from the movies. Every man is different, but each can develop in a most sexually attractive way and this way will lead also to better over all health mentally, physically, emotionally, and otherwise.

Not to say that all a man should strive to be is attractive to females, because authenticity, a man being true to what he wants + what is best for him, is more attractive often than what a woman thought she would want. It’s just that being sexually attractive is a good indication that a person is doing something right (at least within a healthy environment, because in an unhealthy environment, an unhealthy person may seem attractive but this is mostly a transient state because unhealthy is not sexy.)

Conclusion to this very rough first post:

Reproduction is how new life begins in our species so I guess it makes sense that the study of human sexuality would lead to so much knowledge that is so transferable to other areas of life. I am starting to think that the study of human sexuality should at least be given far more attention that it is being given right now by educational institutions.



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