HIIT is a very intense form of exercise and if you haven’t been excising for a while and in good physical condition, you should get cleared by a doctor before you try this type of exercise.

HIIT high intesnity interval training is where you perform intervals of rest(standng or light cardio) and work(heavy cardio)

This type of excersise increases the dopamine in your system and gives your dopamine receptors resistance against “down regulation”

this Excersie will also increase you explosiveness because it forces you to work your muscles at high speeds.

Because it trains the CNS – central nervous system, this type of exercise is more taxing than steady stae excersise and it is recomended that do no more than 3 sessions per week spaces at least  24hr a part.

Before starting, warm up for 5 – 10 minutes with like cardio, running skipping biking etc. Warming up the body will reduce the chance of injury because as you warm up, your blood circulation increases making your tendonds ligamnets and muscles more plyable. When they are more plyable they are less liky to be damages by the vigorous and explosive motions to follow.


there are different type you can perform

rest : work  (in seconds)





any interval you can think of but note that if your rest:work interval is 1:1 then your work interval should’nt be 100%

because you would’nt last as long, at east if your a beginner.

pick an interval and work rate taht you are comfortable with. experiment.

lets say your mode of excersise is biking. you would bike at 90% of your maximum for 30 sec and then go really light for 30 seconds. Thats one set.

if you can only do one interval you might need to pick a set with more rest.

You might not be able to do too many intervals to start, you can always try for 3 sets at first and then increase by 1 set every work out, or every week. Give yourself time to recover mentally as well as physically. Make it easy.

Always cool down for 5 min with light cardio at the end, not doing so could put too much strain on the heart and result in possibly fatal complications.

Idea’s for HIIT


jumping jacks : burpees


light swim(egg-beater):sprint-swimming

light shadow boxing:blitz shadow boxing


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