Staying focused

Ok, first post. How to stay focused so that you can achieve your goals.

Think of focus as an object you want to stab into a piece of wood. If this object was sharp, like if the point was one molecule in diameter, then it should be able to stab through the piece of wood no problem. If it was a mallet, or another piece of wood, with out a sharp edge, it wouldn’t be able to puncture the wood at all, unless it was going super fast(maybe not even iunno) or something else.

The sharper that knife is, the more focused the energy behind it will be onto where it hits the wood.

So if you want maximum focus, your goals, what you want to get done in a day, should be narrowed down to one goal, for example school if your in school. Every other goal that you might have, especially the really fun ones, like romantic relationships, video games, parties, and even other legitimate goals like maybe music, or bodybuilding. These all add up to more molecules on the point of your knife. Each goal wants exclusivity, they all fight for your attention.  For some people I guess it is OK, some people can handle having multiple goals.Many, however, procrastinate by doing something else, another fun goal. They find it a strain, and a pain to work on their main goal, and it actually is a strain. And a pain. Because you are forced to work against yourself when you have two conflicting goals like, do your homework and watch TV.  So if you want to do well in school you might want to start making temporary sacrifices. You need to be firm about these, and tell yourself, ” hey, I can’t do homework when a part of my brain keeps saying watch TV, its to hard to fight that”.

Then you have to make the sacrifice, say, no TV, and if you want the most bang for your buck, say no to almost everything you would otherwise do. No fun, except if you really need something cheap, like a popping bubble wrap cheap, it’s not nothing, but its not additively distracting either. Maybe a video game that you could play but wont get too into.

Then, besides talk with family and human necessities, do only two things. Work towards a single goal, and in breaks, do that really cheap thing just as a breather.

Next post will be about how to build up the mental stamina to work for long enough periods of time to be successful within a given time frame.

Steve Pavlina talks about this as well in his articles on discipline, so you can check those out too.


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