HIIT is a very intense form of exercise and if you haven’t been excising for a while and in good physical condition, you should get cleared by a doctor before you try this type of exercise.

HIIT high intesnity interval training is where you perform intervals of rest(standng or light cardio) and work(heavy cardio)

This type of excersise increases the dopamine in your system and gives your dopamine receptors resistance against “down regulation”

this Excersie will also increase you explosiveness because it forces you to work your muscles at high speeds.

Because it trains the CNS – central nervous system, this type of exercise is more taxing than steady stae excersise and it is recomended that do no more than 3 sessions per week spaces at least  24hr a part.

Before starting, warm up for 5 – 10 minutes with like cardio, running skipping biking etc. Warming up the body will reduce the chance of injury because as you warm up, your blood circulation increases making your tendonds ligamnets and muscles more plyable. When they are more plyable they are less liky to be damages by the vigorous and explosive motions to follow.


there are different type you can perform

rest : work  (in seconds)





any interval you can think of but note that if your rest:work interval is 1:1 then your work interval should’nt be 100%

because you would’nt last as long, at east if your a beginner.

pick an interval and work rate taht you are comfortable with. experiment.

lets say your mode of excersise is biking. you would bike at 90% of your maximum for 30 sec and then go really light for 30 seconds. Thats one set.

if you can only do one interval you might need to pick a set with more rest.

You might not be able to do too many intervals to start, you can always try for 3 sets at first and then increase by 1 set every work out, or every week. Give yourself time to recover mentally as well as physically. Make it easy.

Always cool down for 5 min with light cardio at the end, not doing so could put too much strain on the heart and result in possibly fatal complications.

Idea’s for HIIT


jumping jacks : burpees


light swim(egg-beater):sprint-swimming

light shadow boxing:blitz shadow boxing


Music: Having fun and putting you soul into it

I’v thought of a music philosphy of what makes poeple really
gravitate towards some music. some artists. Something definately has
to be said about practise. Poeple who practise and
reach their zenith, they wil be good, no matter what they do,
poeple will watch because the zenith is always somehitng to appreciate.

But then another type of appreciation can come from hearing someone who
might have been playing for a whie, but instead of trying to be “good” at
playing and performing, they are always trying to get what is in them , out.
trying to pay their emotions throught their instrument.
really using music lie a language. I know steve via does this, I read it in a magazine
a while a go. bUt he also practises like a maniac.

 There is always a difference I think, Between someone who
plays from the soul, and someone who plays from … the bank, or
whatever. Just playing to make money, you can usually tell thats the
case cause the music will sound like you’ve heard it all before,
and not in a good way like hearing a cover of a classic, but in a
“I see what you’re trying to do hear and its not working on me”
kinda way.

Either way, if you want to get good at something,
weather its playing from the soul, or just to make money.
Do alot of it. Time pays off.

And the best way to put alot of time into somthing is to
be having fun whel your doing it.

Do it this way, find a way to have fun, and you want loose interest as fast.

This is the way we, as children, 
learned to to everything we learned how to do. We played, attempted things,
experimented. SO if you want to be good at music, you gotta play music.
That is he first thing. Playing music came way before music theory,
people loved music long before they wrote books on how to make music.
Therefore I feel it is more important to play music, and play with music.

One of the best ways to “play” is to just improvise, just play
whatevery you can think of, or if you can’t think of anything,
play anyways, just try to play something you hav’nt heard before.
If you play piano for instance, sit down at the piano, and start trying.
just start experimenting and you’ll start t find things slowly that
you like, and they will be your own. They will reflect you. An example is
sometimes you’ll play somthing that you did’nt really mean to play,
or if your are just playing anything, eventualy
you’ll hear somthing you like. Not nessesarily somthing you
think everyone will like, but somthing you atleast know
you like. This is a success of your experimenting. This is how
music started, I suppose. People hear things they like, they remember them
and maybe play them again.

Maybe you’ll think of a way to build on this idea.
Or maybe you’ll just get a bunch of these ideas and string them together.

You can also record yourself so you don’t have to remember everything.

As you do all this you are also getting more accustoe to your instrument.
your fingers are learning how to play keys or strings etc.
you are learning the lay out of the instrument according to the sounds
you like hearing it make. This is important cause its alot easier
to remember somthing you like than somthing you dont or are indeferent to.

you might like a certain genre of music. In this case play that genre,
as many songs from that genre, build a repetoir. This way you are playing
all the time, its never work, and you are getting good. At that style
of music, then you can incorporate that into improvisation sessions.
This way you’ll start creating music that is in the same genre but with
your emotions in it. having a part of you in it will give it somthing new,
and people will appretiate that.

If you play many different genres of msuic, even better, cause
you can mix and match all of what you like. When you do this
you have created like a approxiamtion of what you like in music, what you
like about the way music makes your feel and therefore, your emotions.

People will appretiate this, because you are unique and if you can
sufficiently describe yourself through your musical tastes by playing that
specific music, you will be playing somthing unique.

SO going to classes, I’m not saying don’t do that, it has it’s place,
especialy at the start when you trying to get everything like
proper technique so you don’t injure your wrists or somthing, and
how to read music etc. Things can be intimidating in the beginning.
But don’t ever feel your not good enough to start experimenting yet.
Music teachers don’t know what you like, you don’t even know all of what you like yet.
you have to discover it throught trail and error, experimenting , playing.
And the teacher can’t teach you how to put your
specific emotional make up, into the music, cause most likley, he/she does’nt
know every thing about you to guide you in that direction. not fully anyways.
They can help you with certain techniques and genres etc that
you say you like, but so much of music is still to be discovered.

Staying focused

Ok, first post. How to stay focused so that you can achieve your goals.

Think of focus as an object you want to stab into a piece of wood. If this object was sharp, like if the point was one molecule in diameter, then it should be able to stab through the piece of wood no problem. If it was a mallet, or another piece of wood, with out a sharp edge, it wouldn’t be able to puncture the wood at all, unless it was going super fast(maybe not even iunno) or something else.

The sharper that knife is, the more focused the energy behind it will be onto where it hits the wood.

So if you want maximum focus, your goals, what you want to get done in a day, should be narrowed down to one goal, for example school if your in school. Every other goal that you might have, especially the really fun ones, like romantic relationships, video games, parties, and even other legitimate goals like maybe music, or bodybuilding. These all add up to more molecules on the point of your knife. Each goal wants exclusivity, they all fight for your attention.  For some people I guess it is OK, some people can handle having multiple goals.Many, however, procrastinate by doing something else, another fun goal. They find it a strain, and a pain to work on their main goal, and it actually is a strain. And a pain. Because you are forced to work against yourself when you have two conflicting goals like, do your homework and watch TV.  So if you want to do well in school you might want to start making temporary sacrifices. You need to be firm about these, and tell yourself, ” hey, I can’t do homework when a part of my brain keeps saying watch TV, its to hard to fight that”.

Then you have to make the sacrifice, say, no TV, and if you want the most bang for your buck, say no to almost everything you would otherwise do. No fun, except if you really need something cheap, like a popping bubble wrap cheap, it’s not nothing, but its not additively distracting either. Maybe a video game that you could play but wont get too into.

Then, besides talk with family and human necessities, do only two things. Work towards a single goal, and in breaks, do that really cheap thing just as a breather.

Next post will be about how to build up the mental stamina to work for long enough periods of time to be successful within a given time frame.

Steve Pavlina talks about this as well in his articles on discipline, so you can check those out too.

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